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My Dragonscale Crowntail betta, Nihlus.

My Dragonscale Crowntail betta, Nihlus.

I’ve been pining for a ball python again, staring at pictures of snakes and such on breeders’ website. The prices have been making me sad.

I remembered that I have $500+ in a savings account, AND I’m getting another check in six days that will be much prettier than last week’s. :D

The only problem is that my mum is scared to death of snakes. :|

So, I went to bathroom, and when I came back, there was a Dorito laying in my budgies’ cage. 

My dad tried to feed my budgies a Dorito.

This does not surprise me.

Why do I want so many animals?

"Ooh! Betta fish! Ooh! Ball Python! Ooh! Fjord Horse!"

My house will be a zoo.

I’m really tempted to go out and buy a betta fish after I get my check tomorrow… but I have to get so many thing… At least a 2.5 gallon tank, a heater, thermometer, substrate, silk plants… and you’re supposed to cycle the tank before you ever think about putting a fish in there. 

And I have to get gas for my monster of an SUV, the Tank. :/

I guess it’ll have to wait.

me: two budgies are enough for me
me: oh my god albino budgie i need it


budgies no

it is too late to be this hyper

go to sleep

I’m so glad I decided to get another budgie. Ariadne’s personality is really coming through — the playful bird I saw before I took her home has shown up again. She’s playing with all of her toys and she isn’t afraid when I come up to the cage. :)

You know, bearded dragons are actually pretty cute.

But I have a problem with reptiles with claws. I had an iguana once that was pretty much dumped on me, and the poor thing died within six months, probably due to improper care (I was 13).

So I’ll just stick to my furry and feathery terrors, Sheeba the cat and Ariadne the budgie, hope for an eventual ball python, and admire bearded dragons from afar.

More (clearer) pictures of my new baby, Ariadne.

Please excuse my shameless budgie spam.